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Black Skin Care Dermatology

How African American Skin Care Products Work

How african american skin care products work is surprisingly just like about any other skin care product. Skin is basically skin. The only real difference is the pigment or tone. Of course, skin problems can vary among ethnic groups. But the bottom line is that good skin care works for all skin tones IF the product has the right ingredients. So for african american, black skin, white skin or tan let's see what is safe and effective.

Avoid These 3 Ingredients in Skin Care Products

1. Sodium methyl paraben (any type paraben) 2. Petroleum-based products 3. Chemical bleaching agents

1. Sodium methyl paraben can be found in many skin care products. It can affect the pigmentation of skin. Also parabens have been discovered in patients with breast cancer. So it is best to avoid these ingredients. Parabens, and there are many different kinds, basically are in a product as a preservative. Parabens have been found in breast cancer patients. There are safer ways to preserve a skin care product. I'll come to that in a minute.

2. Petroleum-based products can be very harmful to the skin. Instead of de-pigmentation it can result in hyper pigmentation (hyper or excessive) of the skin. Uneven skin spots can materialize. If combined with the above paraben could result in a harmful condition. Also wood based alcohols, propylene glycol, mineral oil and other petroleum based ingredients can bring out a bad skin look. Avoid petrolatum in any product, just to be safe.

3. Chemical bleaching agents are often promoted to those who want to lighten their skin tone. There are safe skin lightening products. I'll cover that also in a moment. Chemical bleaching ingredients can bring much harm to your skin. Avoid them especially if you have black skin or darker tones of skin.

Ingredients that are Safe to Use

*Extra Pone Nut Grass *Vitamin E (If truly natural vitamin E)

Extra Pone Nut Grass will even out the skin tone especially on the face and neck. You won't need very much of it to get good results. This is a safe and effective skin tone lightener.

Natural vitamin E fights free radicals that damage skin cells. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that will assist in helping to remove hyper pigmentation or skin spots.

Sebum Balancing With Moisturizers

Sebum is our natural skin oil. The amount can vary from one person to the next. The skin in some people is very dry to very oily and/or a combination of the two. So skin conditions can be different. But remember skin is still skin. Usually the problem with skin is much of the time in the skin care products one uses. For example, as stated above, many accept that petroleum in their skin products is okay when in fact it may be causing the problem you are perplexed with. Using a quality moisturizer with the ingredients I recommend will give you amazing skin problem relief. You will have no bad effects.

As mentioned sebum comes from the sebaceous glands. All skin tones, black, white, tan and any other skin have these glands. Sebum is there for the purpose of being the natural moisturizer for the skin. Two more ingredients to look for are jojoba and passion fruit extract. If you have dry skin, these two will help tremendously.

AntiAging Ingredients

It is a shame but much of the skin products being sold today with the promise of younger looking skin is a scam. Most don't work. And at the best give very poor, if any, results. Many even cause great harm. For african american skin or black skin, you DO NOT need any special anti-aging skin care product. Here is what you need. Pay close attention because very few people know about this -miracle.

In all my searching and examinations, the best, most effective anti aging skin care ingredient that I have ever discovered that works for all skin types and tones is: Functional Keratin. When combined with Wakame seaweed, CoQ10 and Natural Vitamin E, new skin fibers and skin cells are produced. The result is that the skin is more firm and younger looking.

What causes harm to skin cells and other body cells is what is called free radicals. They basically go on a rampage and hurt other cells. The antidote is antioxidants found in compounds like vitamin E. Remember this please, avoid any ingredient ending in paraben, (for black skin especially Sodium methyl paraben). Avoid all skin care and other products that list petrolatum as an ingredient. Don't even think about using a chemical bleaching agent.

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